Those who read Sun Tzu should also read Colonel John Boyd (a fighter pilot so adept, every single enemy he flew against was defeated in 40 seconds or less. Also a brilliant military theorist who literally retaught the Marines how to fight) and also Hans von Seeckt (German. Also a brilliant military theorist in his own right..)…

Do not underestimate anyone or any agency… if YOU can think of it, then they probably already have…

Do not make the mistake of assuming they will play by your rules.

Do not discount anyone or anything by saying “They couldn’t possibly…” Yes, they can. They have and they will.

If you go it alone, you will probably die quickly and badly. If you tribe up, you’ll still die – everyone does. Just a question of how and why. But you’ll at least live longer than otherwise and you’ll likely get closed out on your own terms – not anyone else’s…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1