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Don’t think that going door to door is a fantasy….. It happens to some degree any time that FEMA is called out. I hear first hand accounts from those that are ordered to do it. Sometimes it is only in the area that the “top secret communications vehicles” are set up. Other times it is to clear an area for “other tactical purposes.” In places like New Orleans and Mississippi it was for many other reasons to include redistribution of resources. My dad had to stand by and watch them raid houses and move people out. I don’t want to be one that has that happen to them….. Thus I will just leave. My choice. Probably not going to work for you if you don’t know how to build and live in a cabin. Check out my “titie.” There is a reason I chose “Bushcrafter.”

If one of the burners on a stove was recently used to cook, do you plop your rear end down on it with the hopes that you will not get burned? I won’t.

Again, it is a decision that I am will make at that time based upon many factors. When the government comes in like something similar to Katrina…. We gone.