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sledjockey, I do not believe that FEMA has the space to put 100 million people in camps. You will have 200 million in the cities which will be impossible for FEMA to control, don’t see it. Also FEMA doesn’t have the food to feed that many people. They would not to take the rural areas food supplies since they know for a fact that 90% of preppers are in rural areas and not in the cities.

They would not come into the cities door to door were there are millions, the word would get out the the shooting would start, it would not take long before it is war. Just look at Ferguson which is a small city of 25,000 thy that in a city like Miami were there is 3 million and down the coast there is millions of more people. There is no army big enough to handle that.

Before FEMA even goes to a city to go door to door they would find a hell of a war. And that is just here, what about Chicago gangs when they know it is time they will take FEMA down in no time.

Maybe the military! But the military will have many in the lower ranks that will have to shoot at there friends and family so this is a problem were the military may find some turning there guns at each other in the battle.

I am always hearing this fantasy of them going door to door. That is all it is a fantasy that will start a war that will go all over the country and that includes the rural areas. This FEMA training that they have been doing is no were close to handling 100 million or more city people. It has never happen in history were an army takes control of more then 250million people and 100 million are armed.

FEMA has a problem.