Patriots followed the british most of the way back to Boston shooting at them from hidden positions. – 74

Yep… had them in a running gauntlet the whole way back… by the time they dragged their sorry asses into Boston, they were shot to pieces… many dropped their weapons and equipment and high-tailed it… heh heh… :)

Later on, I especially like how the Brits whined about how we “didn’t fight fair”… remember reading about one officer writing home and whining about how we “wouldn’t even allow an officer to take the field” without being targeted by our sharpshooters… seems we had this habit of flattening their officers first… heh.. :)

Guess we could ask Colonel Ferguson about that… he’s still down on King’s Mountain where we left him..

Edit: I’ve been through Appleseed and the Instructor program they have… it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Having a solid bedrock foundation of skills is most important, and that’s what Appleseed focuses on… for experienced shooters, it’s a good refresher… some of us fall into bad habits after years of shooting. Helps to get centered.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1