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Give me SOME credit here, 74. ;-) If I thought this was a concern, the thought wouldn’t have entered my mind. In Michigan, the State owns most of the land running along roads, expressways, etc. This can be as small as a 2-3′ extension past a sidewalk (which REALLY irritates homeowners because in most cases they have to mow it as well as their own property), or as big as the acres of wild fields connecting to my property (as well as the property of my neighbors). No one is going to even question it. Lol, that’s probably one of my best secret weapons: I look like the typical suburban housewife in an affluent community. Little old me? You must be mistaken, officer. And to be honest I’d be shocked if anyone outside the Extension Office even knew what a potato plant looked like around here. Cops are only interested in pulling over speeders to up their revenue numbers, much to the annoyance of my hubby and his lead foot.