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74, you may be familiar with Deerfield MA out in the upper Connecticut River Valley. It was a frontier town in the latter 1600’s and early 1700’s and its history used to be very well taught locally, three events in particular, but in recent years the PC police have caught up with even that by renaming the events. In 1675 Indians were trying to burn out the small valley towns. The Bay Colony militia successfully protected Deerfield and the crops were harvested. A wagon train was formed to bring food to another small town in hopes of it not needing to be abandoned following successful Indian attacks on their fields. While in transit, Indians came down off the mountain, and killed almost 100% of the Deerfield men and the Bay Colony militia. A couple captures were burned at the stake that night. My wife’s direct many greats grandfather was one of the few survivors. This event became known as the Bloody Brook Massacre. The following year, 1676, in retaliation the Deerfield men attacked a nearby summer encampment at a waterfalls that was a traditional Indian fishing ground. It was another massacre, except this time it was the Indians that lost. It became known as the Falls Massacre. One of my wife’s relatives was killed in that one. Fast forward to the winter of 1704 and Deerfield is attacked by French and Indians that came down from Quebec. Most of the Deerfield residents were killed, taken prisoner, or burned out of their homes. It was the single largest taking of prisoners in the French & Indian Wars. Women still weak from recent childbirth who couldn’t keep up marching through the snow to Quebec were killed as were young children who couldn’t keep up. This event became known as the Deerfield Massacre. My wife’s direct many times great grandmother was a 12 year old who survived the march to Quebec. Other relatives died in Deerfield. All three events were massacres. PC re-writing of history has now renamed the two massacres of the colonists. The Bloody Brook Massacre is now called the Battle at Bloody Brook. The Deerfield Massacre is now called the Raid on Deerfield. The Falls Massacre in which it was mostly Indians that were killed is still called the Falls Massacre. This is what the kids are now taught in school. It is how history slowly gets rewritten.