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matt76, the first one I went to had a full family there… Mom, Dad, & kids. They try to encourage that by offering such a low price for the kids.

elijah, thanks for fixing the typo. A little proofreading on my part was in order…..

74, the Paul Revere’s Ride book tells the full story very well. The system they used to spread the word from town to town was incredible as was the organization of the local militias that were quickly on the march. In one town after the men left, the women put on men’s clothes,grabbed any remaining weapons, and if none were to be had, grabbed farm implements, elected a leader, and starting patrolling their town in anticipation of the redcoats coming. Some did and the women took them prisoner. In another place the militias were so effective that some redcoats threw down their weapons and ran, and when they came upon an unarmed old woman gathering spring plants for food, surrendered to her in hopes of garnering protection. One old guy in his 70’s who was too lame to march with the militia took us a position behind a stone wall if I recall correctly, and fired so fast that the redcoats thought there was a whole group firing on them. They eventually over ran him, shot him a couple times, stabbed him something like 14 times and left him for dead, but he went on to live another 16 or 18 years I think. Personally I find the spirit and determination of the colonists inspiring. I’d like to think some of it still exists, even if no longer the majority.