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Very nice! A good friend of mine has a kegerator in his garage and its great. A true prepper however needs to find a way to keep it cold post-SHTF. I mean would we have really survived the apocalypse if we started drinking warm beer like the Europeans? On the last Doomsday Preppers there was a guy in VT that built a cold storage room in the spirit of the ice houses of long ago. He fills something like 300 plastic buckets of water, lets them freeze solid in the winter, and they keep the storage room cold all summer.

I have beer-making on my to do list, maybe this winter. I’ve gathered up basic supplies for bottling etc and have been saving my empties rather than sending them to recycling. I figure I could clean off the labels and re-sterilize them for re-use. In the spring I hope to plant a couple hops plants that I’m getting from a friend.

In a similar vein I plan an initial attempt making hard cider from my apple trees this autumn.