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Seems your semi-Rural area could be fine, depending on a few things:

1. Quantity of neighbors
2. Quality of neighbors (not a race thing, I mean a prepared neighbor is a good neighbor)
3. Proximity of NYC (you said an hour commute, correct?)

#3 can be compensated for quite well with a huge ammo store, and a good B.O.B. which in my common terminology means Band of Brothers (and Sisters!) Some usually mean Bug-Out Bag…
Close to NYC calls for a 24 hour watch, and a possible BOL (bug-out location) if your primary gets too Hot. I am planning on the Bug-IN as well, but am portable and can bug out too. Gotta have FRIENDS! :D

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

Cogito, ergo armatus sum