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Ah take heart Braveheart! There are so many battles ahead of us requiring your sage input and wisdom! You should celebrate you and the God that created you because you make people stop and think! Not an easy assignment young man. Next to impossible in this day and age.

If you will, consider trusting this thought…

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>My option is that the citizenry – the ones who aren’t bomb throwing ******** or looting, burning pieces of **** – should mobilize, arm themselves and take care of the problem without the involvement of the Nasty Guard or the cops…

this day IS coming. And, it will happen. And dear Malgus your soul will be heartened that at last, at last the real battle has begun…of course knowing, we non-bomb throwing ********, non-looters, non- malatov cocktail throwers WILL mobilize….because we will no longer have a choice but to confront our own mortal existence and if able to swallow our fear, finally acknowledge HE who gave them life…or perish.

I salute you Malgus – truly. Buck up. The battles are only beginning. Get some rest. We all have a hell of a road before us.