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Mal as I stated earlier I am of the same line of thinking as you are. One of the great things about America is you have the right to chose your battles. You mentioned relying on yourself and yourself alone, I think that is exactly what Tweva is doing. She is not relying on the police or neighbors to protect her and is taking her business elsewhere, doi g what she is capable of by herself. That being said, God created some to be protectors and warriors. I believe we fall in that category my friend. I remember a time when people checked up on neighbors, men made sure the widow down the street was taken care of even though she was of no relation. Men policed themselves. If you did something out of line, no one was sued, there were just a few gentleman who would come to you in private help you understand where you went wrong and let you know it would not be tolerated. You got to keep your dignity and were helped back on the straight and narrow. Those days may be gone but some of those men still exist. I am honored by your service to this country. Don’t lose heart as you are not alone and keep taking care of those around you.