At the risk of alienating you, I must speak my mind.

First, you underestimate yourself. “Little old you”? I’m betting “little old you” toting a 12 gauge shotgun and sporting a grim look wouldn’t be messed with.

Second, the mob is composed by opportunistic criminal scum who will, when illuminated by the cold light of simple human courage, will scurry away like bugs fleeing back under a rotten log… I’ve seen it done. I’ve done it myself. Thugs have no stomach for a straight up fight against a determined opponent.

Third, that your so-called ‘friends’ wouldn’t stand with you in your hour of most desperate need? Sounds like you need a better class of friends.

Fourth, I think you’ve been brainwashed by decades of wimpy, emasculated propaganda spoon fed to you by the ideological heirs of the Fabians… “Just give them what they want, and they’ll go away!” Submit, and they might spare you life. It’s “reasonable” and “common sense”… it’s just “stuff”….

Bullshit. The only way to deal with thuggery is to stand up against it with overwhelming force, righteously wielded… the CITIZENRY should be the ones to wield this overwhelming, righteous force. They are completely capable and have the authority to do so. That the State might disagree with that does not invalidate it. The State derives their authority to use force from the citizenry, which means the citizenry has the same power and authority as the State.

“Looking for a new location for my business”? You mean the answer is to run away? You won’t stick around and fight to defend your life’s work? Okay, bravely run away then. But what happens when there ARE no more places to retreat to? What will you do then?

And as far as my “broad generalizations”, I’d rather be guilty of broad generalization than moral equivocating… absolutist? Yep, sure is. I have a moral compass, and I must follow it. I am compelled to do so. If that involves making judgements on others, well, so what? Personally, I’m completely comfortable drawing a line and saying “THIS behavior is acceptable. THIS other behavior, is not and will not be tolerated.” If that involves the judicious use of righteous might, then so be it…

You can rely on ordering up Dial-A-Cop. You apparently still have faith in them. I do not, for very valid reasons I have already laid out elsewhere on this forum… You can rely on YOU and you alone…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1