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I you think arson only applies to homes try burning down your business and see if the cops give you a bye. My point is just like in the arab spring all over the middle east, the protesters could do no wrong. No matter how much of the city burns if the police or military shot protesters they were villains in the press.

I don’t see how you think Reggie Denny fits into the discussion. Other than he should have had a gun and lots of ammo. Was thete a big population of low income white folks in LA with bad attitudes?

That’s why I specified residence. State laws vary for what qualifies business wise, but arson of a residence especially with people inside is a shooting offense everywhere I’ve checked. Someone’s standing in your yard with a lit molotov and gonna throw it at/onto/into your house, that’s an easily justified shoot regardless of color.

Riots is where Denny fits in.
There was rioting for a doper who got his butt kicked, rightly or wrongly.
There was no rioting for some poor schmo who happened to be at the wrong intersection and got his ass kicked because he was the wrong color. The media frenzy made nothing of that fact, ever. And never will.

Who did the rioting? Who destroys their own towns before all the facts are in?

All this in Ferguson before the autopsy, with conflicting witness statements, it’s become typical to take things to trial in the streets and media before anyone actually knows what happened.
It’s always the cops fault. That’s the one constant, regardless of what actually happened.
And then when the evidence exonerated the cop, it’s been rigged or fixed.