The recent 1895’s still suck. Sorry about any language herein.
A customer just brought a brand new one in, special ordered from the factory not a distributor.
Between the crappy fit of the Boyd’s (OEM) stock, the metal was poorly fit at best, the lever was proud in a number of places, enough so that the gun didn’t feel even close to right.
The action? Wouldn’t give you the price of a turd for the effort put into it originally.
I had to completely rework the feed system, the lifter was rougher than some files I have around here.

Looked at the Remlins at Shot Show this spring, rumor was a former employer who specialized in cowboy guns had gone to work with them to help straighten out the problems, sad to say, it didn’t appear to be true. Even the display models were junk.

For a guy who makes his living guiding dudes in bear country during the summer and hunters in the fall/winter his gun had to work. I told him he should have just bought mine when I offered it to him. He still regrets not buying it. Especially after paying more for crap and having to have it fixed right out of the box.

The .444 has certain advantages, but not as many as some think. The problem comes from bullet twist, it’s designed around 240-265gr bullets and starts to shoot for snot with heavier. Secondly, many of the bullets available aren’t designed for rifle velocities and you get bad results. In my experience the 265’s are the most accurate.