<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>“The cops then as now were often vets. And guess what, the same problems existed, people just didn’t whine about it.”

Okay, we’re just a bunch of whiney little *******…

No the liberal media and libtards are a bunch of whiney little *******.

Please tell us, what are our alternatives? What is the solution, Whirl?

Let’s say I voice my opinion and dissatisfaction at the current situation and the SturmAbteilung decides to kick their way into my home, throwing bombs along the way, breaking my stuff, shooting my dog, etc, because I have a card game going on, or an unpaid parking ticket, or whatever bullshit reason du sure they can come up with…

IF I survive, they have “qualified immunity”. They work for thugs higher up on the food chain in the Government – which has unlimited funds and thousands of lawyers. They have Police Unions. They have the ability to manipulate, create and destroy evidence at will… “We cannot release that information because of an ongoing investigation” is just bullshit-speak for “We haven’t finished making him look bad” or “That footage actually makes US look bad, so you’ll never see it”… THEY get to set the narrative, unless a miracle happens – like some bystander happens to actually film the SA bravely throwing bombs into my house and bravely shooting my dog and the footage makes the news, goes viral, and the copthugs end up looking like the lying thug ******** they are…

Face it. I would have NO CHANCE at all… and if the Government actually loses, well, so what? They have unlimited funds, battalions of lawyers, the backing of the Status Quo… nothing will change. Yeah, I might hit the Ghetto Lottery and get some money – maybe – years down the road – again, maybe – but nothing changes. In fact, it gets even worse.

So what’s the alternative, Whirl? We cannot petition government for redress of grievances – they ARE the government. We cannot seek justice in court – they have “qualified immunity” and are protected. They get to set the narrative. If anything happens, they throw some money my way – not admitting guilt, just ‘settling’ out of court – but the damage is done. There is no justice.

“Whining about it”… jesus christ, Whirl.. do you hear yourself?

Bubba, you are blowing up at the wrong target. My message was misread.

You don’t like the Police having “weapons of war” i.e. Military guns and gear. Okay.
So let’s make the field even, all civilians (Police are civilians) are forbidden from possessing weapons and gear that are of military design and/or former military weapons. Why not even go so far as to make clones and replicas of military weapons illegal, since many are made with military parts or out of the same parts bins. Once military, always military as the ATF is so fond of saying.

So that means all Glocks (Austrian military gun), AR-15’s (US and other military gun), Beretta 92’s (US military gun), all 1911’s (US military until the 80’s and some still in use), Mauser 98’s, Moisin-Nagants, AK’s, the list is almost endless including Colt SAA’s and muzzleloader Muskets.

You and I both know about the 6 parts that are different between the AR and M models, and the bolt carrier doesn’t matter anymore, but those 6 parts are the only real differences beyond a little metal being left in the receiver. The rest of the parts come off the same assembly lines, the same parts bins, the same specifications. Granted, the Colt “Sporter” series uses a different pin size but that doesn’t function or effectiveness.
That same AR that can be bought at WallyWorld, identical to the M model but for those little parts.

Sounds like a perfect plan, one thought up by your favorite politicians doesn’t it. It’s a slippery slope, choosing one group of people to limit firearms to. Heck the Klan would love that.

The cartels are bringing in grenades and we’re giving them AK’s, but we’ll only give the Police bean bag shotguns, got more than one BP agent killed so far, why not more?

Police should be able to have and use the same guns everyone else can. Simple as that.
You can buy a full auto M-16, so can they.
You can buy a grenade launcher, so can they.
You can buy a cannon, they can’t justify that in the budget and there’s no reason to have one but for fun.

How about limiting camoflage, or body armor? That ones hitting the rounds again.

Or why not just allow everyone to be on equal ground?
Sounds fair to me.