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Oh I know that MB, but it’s the ‘they’ as in ‘they refuse to hold themselves accountable’, the generalizations, that bothers me, I suppose. Use of generalities like that I think help further divisions and helps distance ourselves from each other and divide us even more. Always easy to point the finger at any number of nameless, nebulous ‘they’s’ Not all police officers are ‘bad cops’. Not all police officers are in any position to DO something about it – except perhaps leave the force. And given where our country is today, what can realistically be done about it? Few American’s appear to take the time to educate themselves, best they may, on the issues of the day, much less take the time to vote or engage in or volunteer in community affairs or go to town hall type meetings or engage with elected leaders in the issues of the day or what needs to be addressed/is of concern. The ‘they’s’ aren’t’ held accountable because ‘we’ don’t do anything about making that happen on a day in, day out basis until something like this blows up in everyone’s faces, emotions run rough shod over common sense and yet another fire is lit. But then we squawk and point the fingers …in this case at every single police officer…but it could be every single politician, etc…