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tweva, part of the problem with the public increasingly being distrustful of the police comes from the utter refusal of the law enforcement community to hold their own accountable. No matter how egregious the conduct they rally around in support of their fellow officer. That sends a powerful signal that their 1st priority is something other than enforcing the law and protecting the public. A part of the equation that has changed is the frequency with which someone happens to be there recording the event, and even then the police response is always it isn’t what it looks like. Throw in military gear and tactics and sending SWAT teams in for non-violent offenses committed by people with no history of violence, and often doing so in no-knock raids, and what is the public supposed to think? And when that no-knock SWAT team goes to the wrong house, there isn’t so much of an apology or compensation for the damage done, let alone repercussions for whoever sent them to the wrong house. The law enforcement community cannot be above the law, and sadly the message they are sending the general public is that they are. Personally I believe most police are trying to do the right thing but if they refuse to hold themselves accountable, they will all be painted with the same brush as the bad apples amongst them.