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Malgus – don’t misunderstand me. I am not against a store owner defending his store from rioters and looters. But, it is not going to be little old me. I am a single woman with no children and no relatives living in the area. So what, hypotheticall,y would you propose I, or someone like me, do Malgus? Try and coerce customers and friends into helping me ‘defend’ my store against these criminals, putting themselves at risk for little old me to ‘save’ my ‘dignity’? My dignity does not vanish because I would choose not to put myself in harms way – my self-respect would not be diminished one iota. You may no longer respect me – but that would be your problem right?

Instead, I would be on the phone and in my car looking for a new location for my business – defending my livelihood in a more practical,safer, more logical manner – to me – by moving forward to move the business – and ensure the income for both myself and those that depend on employment with me continues as uninterrupted as possible – and in a safer environment more conducive, at least for the foreseeable future.

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Malgus wrote:</div>This “it’s just stuff” attitude is what has created a generation of people who won’t stand up for themselves and think the cops can be called – like ordering a pizza – whenever trouble happens

But it IS ‘just stuff’ Malgus! I feel you are lumping people into broad categories and ascribing to them broad generalizations and motivations with statements like that. I take umbrage with you on this point Malgus. For me, my choice, I have to live in the here and now with an eye on the future and pick my battles where they will do most to further that future that you see. Tilting at each and every windmill in an all out battle for ideals that have much, much bigger impediments before they could ever be realized, can oft leave you exhausted and incapacitated when the windmill really starts to spin. If one of my stores was in MO, I wasn’t down there ‘defending’ it to preserve my ‘dignity’ – that somehow correlates to my inability or unwillingness to stand up for myself? I think not although you would not agree. And, for now, at this moment in time in our country, yes I will ‘order up the pizza – double topping of cops’ – because I still can and am grateful to them for that – while saving my energy for battles I feel more important that will be coming down the pike soon.

And 74 – you are correct IMHO