“Those automatic weapons (M-16′s ) are the same as any of the AR’s that a department shells out $800-1000 for, except they have the happy switch which is normally removed and the 1033 program guns cost @$100 when they’re available.”

I reiterate, I cannot and will not support police obtaining and using weapons of war. Period. And you and I both know it takes more to convert an AR into an M16 than just a selector switch. If I kitted out a “civilian” AR with issue parts from an M16, except for the selector switch, I’d have F-Troop arresting me so fast people would think I dematerialized… You are obfuscating in an attempt to marginalize my point. Too bad I got the same knowledge as you and can backstop my points, proving you wrong.

“Weapons of war? Those have been around since day one, in the hands of everyone.”

Because The Framers decided that the terrible weapons of war are the birthright of every American citizen. Not thugs working for, and protected by, other thugs higher up the food chain in Government. And it’s a miracle we still have anything, given the fact that pols and do-gooder ******** have been trying to disarm us since the early 1900’s. And cops – Peelers – didn’t exist in this country until the middle 19th century. We got along JUST FINE without them… they only exist to milk citizens like cows and extort our daily bread from us anyway. I exempt Sheriffs from this, as they are the only law enforcement specifically mentioned in the Constitution…

“Strange, 80 years ago the cops had military surplus Thompsons, BAR’s and more.”

And even stranger, how did those cops 80 years ago arrest Bonnie and Clyde? They opened fire on them with fully automatic weapons from cover. It was an ambush – a cold-blooded bushwhack – outright MURDER – and they were assassinated. No day in court. No chance to face their accuser. No “innocent until proven guilty”. No alleged “constitutional protections”… cops behaved then same as now – like murdering ******* thugs.

And don’t tell me the Fibbies haven’t benefited from almost a century of a Government-sponsored PR campaign. That cross-dressing freak Hoover knew the value of propaganda and used it effectively. The Fibbies have benefited from it so much, their “boy scout” reputation endures, even in the face of such horrifying **** like the AIC’s unconstitutional “shoot to kill” order at Ruby Ridge and Lon Horiuchi blowing Vikki Weaver’s head off, even as she held an infant… not only were they NOT prosecuted, or even fired… they were promoted.

By the way, the Thompson SMG’s and BAR’s that were sold to various PD’s and the Feds? They were NOT “surplus”. No way in hell were they. They were brand new – made, marketed and sold specifically for and to the PD’s, not “surplus” weapons the Army decided to get rid of…

“The cops then as now were often vets. And guess what, the same problems existed, people just didn’t whine about it.”

Hate to say it, but soldiers make shitty cops. One is not the other. Not even CLOSE. The “close with and destroy the enemy” mindset has no place whatsoever in an law enforcement environment. And, same as I said before, putting on a uniform does NOT automatically bestow honor or good manners or knowledge of the law or the Constitution or anything else… There’s PLENTY of dirtbags and thug ******** in uniform. The fact that they have qualified immunity and are protected by a tin star and the DA is bad enough. Kitting them out like the Soviets storming into Budapest? Whose fucking bright idea was THAT?!? They behave like the SA and, according to you, always have…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1