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Nicely said Whirlibird.

What we can all do is make a point of always standing up for what is ‘right’. Right does make might. Maybe I’m naive, but I do think, if people were honest with themselves, we do know what is right and what is wrong. It’s not always easy or convenient to do.

In 26 years in retail (at one time 5 stores and 10,000sqft warehouse) I have seen the depth and breadth of humanity. It is not always pretty, …but endlessly amazing. Throughout it all we have always tried to do what is ‘right’. We’ve had many ‘brush-ups’ odious behavior and flat out crime. In our stores, needless to say, the ‘customer’ is NOT always ‘right’. ‘Customers’ will lie, cheat, steal, blame anyone and their mother’s brother rather than accept responsibility for the results of their own actions.

You steal from us – we will prosecute you…..(even if that means endlessly waiting to be called in court, taking time away from making a living, only to be sent home and told to come back the case had been rescheduled – numerous times)

We suspect you of stealing from us or you can not control your behavior or otherwise choose to engage in nasty or disruptive behavior – we will ban you from crossing our doorstep again – and if you think we will forget and you try a few weeks later – never fear we WILL remember you and we WILL call the police and have you escorted out. We won’t forget.

We witness your child or children running through the store, under the clothing racks, running into elderly people without thought for their behavior; ripping open packaging, leaving toys and merchandise all over the floor for unsuspecting others to trip over; they are yelling, screaming, whining and you the parent are no where to be found? We WILL take your child or children in hand and reprimand them. Get in my face all you want once you DO notice (because you won’t admit you abrogated your responsibility as a parent, are angry at yourself or whatever)…keep it up and I’ll slap you with a ‘no trespassing’, never see your face or your children’s again – happily.

You work for me and expect to be paid for your efforts? You’ve read the employee manual, signed a statement you have read it, had each and every rule of conduct and policy verbally reiterated to you? Well, then don’t be surprised if I fire you in this ‘at-will’ state, on the spot if:

-you don’t call or show up for work for 3 days and stroll in on the 4th with some unbelievable tale of woe
-you show up in short shorts and a crop top wearing fuzzy bunny slippers and haven’t taken the time to brush your hair
-you wear a wig to an interview because you don’t think you would get hired if we knew you had neon green hair and a swastika tatooed on the back of your shaved neck…and once you have the job – leave the wig at home on your first day of work and saunter in proudly sporting your in-style ‘do’ and tatoo
– you slip and fall, break your arm in your home driveway and have the nerve to ask me for the name of my insurance company…because everyone knows insurance companies can afford it and…we won’t mind if she says it happened in our store parking lot and she sues us right?
– you decide you don’t want to work anymore that day because you are having problems at home…so you send the other employees home…and fax the stores end of day report….at 1:30 in the afternoon….thinking I would never notice this?
– you choose to steal from me – thinking your zeal and insistence in being in love with taking trash to the dumpsters will be taken by stupid me as the sign of a most excellent employee – and think squirreling merchandise away in the ‘trash’ and hiding it for later pickup in or around the dumpster is a ‘new’ way to get what you want….silly you! And, silly parents! Thinking I will not prosecute your child just because it is ‘their first job and they didn’t know better.’

And…to the perverts who come in thinking to get their jolly’s by walking around exposing themselves? You think we women will be too ‘embarrassed’ to confront you and tell you to put your little ‘man’ back in your pants as we call the police? Think again.

To the deluded that think they can hide in our stores at the end of the day, wait until we leave, to rob the place? You think we haven’t thought of that, check over, under and around before we lock the doors. You think we won’t notice your big fat feet with red tennis shoes dangling down from the hole where the ceiling tile is askew? Customers don’t look up, but we know that, and we do. Really, why are you surprised you were arrested?

And the yuppy looking couples that decide the expensive planters with flowers and shrubs outside our doors are so lovely they can’t live without them? Why are you surprised when the police don’t believe you when you try to tell them that ‘you thought they were just trash – we had put them outside because we didn’t want them anymore’ – – – when they stop you because you have your tailgate down with the planters in the back of your pickup that have written on them, by cynical me, ‘STOLEN FROM xxxxxx’ in big, fat-ass letters (despite how having to do it warred with my refined sense of aesthetics!)

And….I could go on for hours. I try to do my part to do what is right and set some sort of example although I am not perfect by any means…..but I won’t risk my life for the store if it becomes, unfortunately, surrounded by a situation such as is going on in MO.

Sorry, morning rant. Carry on…nothing to see here! And folks wonder why I would rather just be outside out here in the country.