Freedom , like any thing else , look around , if you dont want to spend a boatload of cash for an AK , and still get a decent rifle , then the N-PAP yugoslavian is a good mid range , its actually built better than some because the receiver is thicker , and it has some American made parts in it . Its barrel is a bit thicker as well . The furniture is maple ( not teak ) , and is more what Americans are used to in a traditional rifle , this may or may not be a problem for you , there is the ” Yugo cheek slap ” until you get used to the weapon .Then you can order a lot of cheap Russian ammo to feed it , as well as a strobe and more magazines . For those of you that do have an AK , KNS makes a front cross hair sight , those with an AR will know what that is , but it works pretty well . I’m kicking myself in the ass , I had a chance to get a real FN-FAL for about $1000 ………..and I didnt do it , yes I regret it .

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