Actually it wasn’t that their life wasn’t worth mine or yours.
More than once I risked my life for another.
It is property that isn’t worth the life of an innocent.

But that racist tag has become the new ‘communist’, which no one wants to be labeled with, accurate or not.
The media picks up on it, rams it down everyone’s throat, making it impossible for anyone to live once the tag is in place. The problem is exacerbated by the belief that many have that black/pink/orange people can’t be racist because they’re “X”.

Suddenly we have Sharpton and Jackson walking the streets, blaming anyone who doesn’t look, think and live like them. Regardless of the situation that caused the death. Little scumbag gets plugged while committing a crime, it’s the fault of the homeowner/storekeeper/victim because the skel had a poor upbringing, his mommy and daddy weren’t married or ever together and mommy couldn’t make ends meet while on welfare and getting tattoos, hair extensions and 6″ fingernails because they weren’t given enough for doing nothing.

They don’t care unless they can blame someone else. Look at Chicago, DC or pretty much every other inner city area. You have black on black (hispanic on hispanic, etc) crime, it goes unreported or unchecked by these same “leaders” because it doesn’t further their cause, doesn’t put money in their pockets, doesn’t get them the same soundbites on the news. If they suddenly had to take responsibility for their actions, for their people, for the crimes, what would happen? Nothing but their disappearance from the airwaves.

Look at what happened to Zimmerman. Railroaded by the media, the so called civic leaders, put on trial by a special prosecutor because the reality of the situation was not what the public wanted to hear or see. The Police Chief was fired/relieved because he refused to charge Zimmerman and said he had done nothing wrong. He was later reinstated because he was right.

Personally, I’d rather the shopkeepers plug as many as they can.
Regardless of color, thieves are thieves.
Years ago, they hung horse thieves. Why? Because stealing a mans horse was almost the same as killing the man.
He was left with no means of transport, no means of making a living, no means of survival in many cases.
It isn’t quite the same today, but the bad guys need to learn that being a bad guy is hazardous to their health.

They start ending up dead for their crimes, how many are going to decide that working at McD’s is a better career choice?

And the flip side, how many can live with killing that criminal?
Especially knowing the excrement storm that’s coming.
Justified or not, your life will change at least until society does.

As an aside, I recently watched a video from South Africa back in 92’ish. A cop (black) plugged a crook (black) outside his home. The crooks family was threatening the cop right there while the medics were working on the crook. The concept of retribution regardless of the circumstance is very alive in certain societal circles.
Meanwhile back in Texas, a Deputy (white) shoots a career criminal (also white) and unlike the above, the family comes and apologizes to the Deputy for the crooks putting his life at risk and for his actions.

I agree with the constitutional right of peaceful assembly, of peaceful protest and will continue to support the same.
But criminal action, the question becomes how far are going to go to prevent and stop the same.
What limits are we putting on those hired to protect us from harm? And why, because it makes us feel good or because it is the right thing to do?