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Tweva lol I didn’t mean go down there by yourself. If you notice the pic in the article there are several guys standing there. No one could do that by themselves.

Whirli I understand your sentiment about their life is not worth yours. Let me ask you a question. This is not a slant or intended to ruffle feathers. For years now the the moment a cop shoots a black person all hell brakes loose. You know the reasons why. Is it possible that the police and society have been conditioned not to resist black people? You mentioned responsibility. They have a right to PEACEFUL protest. When you start stealing and destroying other people’s property you have broken the law. If you put yourself in the position to be shot and don’t obey the law you run a good chance of being shot. Everyone has cowed down to being called a racist and will not stand up for their own rights. That’s why the protesters act the way they do. None or very few have ever been shot for disobeying the law. It’s just like a child. If you don’t discipline them you get a brat . Because we have not held them responsible for their actions they think acting like this is okay.