<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>OK so lets talk about AR 15, there is so much information on them. For the money which one if you never had purchased one and want to buy one right now which one would you buy?

The same question goes for the AK which one would you buy for the money?

My money? The AR would be a basic Colt.
Yes you can get cheaper, but you get cheaper.
The Colt comes with a chrome lined barrel, 50 years of manufacturing experience, and bluntly has been the one brand I have had no problems with in classes, from anyone.
Secondly, the Colt holds its value better, nobody plans on selling stuff, but it does happen and a monkeybutt brand AR won’t bring a third of what the Colt will.

AK’s, my preference runs to the Arsenals, but they’re a bit overpriced.
There is little difference from brand to brand, some are slightly more accurate on average, some are deburred better, but until you start paying for better parts and fit, its still just an AK.

The Hungarian AMD’s have had decent barrels and been the equal of the Russian guns I’ve handled lately, even the century guns.

The most accurate AK I’ve shot was a single stack Romanian that went 2″ at 200y with iron sights and two different shoters, witnessed.

Most are a 4″ gun unless you handpick the ammo. Your average AR will do half that.

I will be blunt and honest, while my wife has her AK (its pink), and I’ve built dozens and do a reliability tune on them, I still don’t like them. For me, there’s too many negatives.