Those automatic weapons (M-16’s ) are the same as any of the AR’s that a department shells out $800-1000 for, except they have the happy switch which is normally removed and the 1033 program guns cost @$100 when they’re available.

Weapons of war? Those have been around since day one, in the hands of everyone. Now we just have pantywaste politicians who are screwing things for everyone.
Strange, 80 years ago the cops had military surplus Thompsons, BAR’s and more.
The cops then as now were often vets. And guess what, the same problems existed, people just didn’t whine about it.

Yup, I volunteered for the job. Put myself in a mess of bad situations, and got hurt for it. But bluntly, going home at the end of the shift was always the goal. I can always catch the crook later, no point dying stupidly.