Sorry. I cannot and will not support cops acquiring weapons of war.

Psychological experiments have proven such things have a powerful impact on how people act. I know you’re familiar with the experiments where some students were dressed as inmates and others dressed as prison guards in militaristic uniforms, given batons and the authority to treat the “inmates” however they wanted, etc. Within a very, very short time, the “guards” were pushing around and abusing the “inmates”. Power corrupts.

If you dress a cop in a military uniform, outfit him with military kit, give him weapons used by the military, equip him with armored vehicles, then pretty soon, the cops will start believing they ARE the military, and then act accordingly…

Just got done reading two stories. One about a grandmother being SWATTED because someone wrote “forbidden speech” on a website that trash-talked the police. They raided grandma, broke her **** and paraded her and her granddaughter out in chains, then found out that their WIFI had no password and someone else wrote the “forbidden speech”… of course, the DA and county attorneys said that the officers were protected… immune…

The other story was about a homeless guy being beat down by 6 cops. Handcuffed and laying on the ground, one cop kneed him in the face 8 times. This was filmed by several witnesses. Then, one of the cops is heard saying something about confiscating the cell phones of all the witnesses… but, too late, their egregious actions were already being posted. Guess Officer No Help is sucking hind tit when it comes to confiscating footage of him beating down a defenseless, handcuffed homeless guy… the Supremes ruled they can be filmed in the course of their duties, but it doesn’t stop the SturmAbteilung from trying to steal folks’ cameras to hide their misdeeds…

Rifles that can hit from 1000 yards have existed for well over 125 years. “Magnums”? Been around since the old Express cartridges of the 1880’s… Old news.

“Just over a year ago, we had a local doper lose his mind, he ended up attempting to rob a gun shop and fired rounds from a magnum rifle back into the shop when he left. He was shot minutes later attempting to shoot local LEOs.

This can happen in little BFE, it can happen anywhere.
And that’s why departments are getting the gear, just like preppers, just in case.”

Cops work that job because they volunteered to do it. Worked to get appointed as police officers. They were not pressed into involuntary servitude against their will.

And since when did putting the citizens first get replaced by “everyone goes home safe at the end of their shift“? Having worked some tough environments, yeah your ass is on the line sometimes, but frankly, I VOLUNTEERED to do that work. I’m not going to go fishing for sympathy or accolades. You don’t do that sort of job because you’re seeking glory and/or recognition… and if you do, then you’re in the wrong line of work.

You can tell yourself “just in case” all you want if it helps you sleep. The words of cops themselves condemn them. same as their actions. Like that one asshat Chief that let slip they obtained an armored vehicle and military grade hardware because returning veterans had the skills to match or exceed those possessed by his officers…

Really? Us vets are so much of a threat that you needed to obtain a damned TANK and automatic weapons under the 1033 program?

Then there’s the Praetorians – DHS – putting all us vets on a list as “potential terrorists”… tha’ ****?!? All the guys I know just want to be left the hell alone.. we’re not bomb throwing ******** or revolutionaries…

Governments should fear the citizenry… not the other way around. Keeps them honest…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1