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I like my mini-14 (newer model). It’s probably more accurate than I am. It’s the gun sitting in the closet with a stack of mags on the shelf nearby. I’ve got a bushmaster AR and saiga 223 as well. I like them all, because they function well and I like guns. I’m also a 1022 fan; got several of them along with a 7722 which is very accurate. Recently picked up an American in 22lr. Not enough range time to comment on it, but I like that ruger designed it to use 1022 mags. Most accurate 22 I have is a single shot savage (daughters gun actually).

I also like every ruger handgun I own. My favorite to shoot is their mark ii. Solid gun.

Don’t have anything in 7.62×39, so can’t comment on ak. Just wanted to note that ruger does have some good reliable guns. If your looking for 308, they have the sr-762 that’s fairly new and also the gunsite scout. Lots of guns and never enough money…