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The neighbors miniature horses got out one moon lit night and startled me as I looked out the window as I was about to turn in. They were right outside that window and startled me as much as I startled them. They take off running around my yard and I called the neighbor. I’m not sure what he offered them but he got one to start running back towards their pen and the rest followed.

This spring one of the baby sheep next door got loose and was on my side of the fence. I was alerted to it by the incessant bleeting beyond their normal background noise. The neighbors were away and knowing what would likely happen if it were left out overnight I figured go catch me a baby sheep. It was in my side yard and when I got close, it takes off running along the fence through a wooded wet area of mine. I follow it all the way through that area and emerge into my back field. Having established it can run faster than me, it was time for Plan B. I took off a floppy hat I was wearing and my sunglasses so as to hopefully be a bit less menacing looking, and I got down on my knees for the same objective. Lastly I starting talking very softly to it in the way you’d speak to a young child, and it calmed down. I slowly inched towards it and then finally grabbed it and lifted it back over the fence. The mother was at the fence the entire time bleeting her heart out, with the rest of the gang close by just watching it all. Should it happen again I will just go to Plan B from the get go.