Soooooo if Ruger puts out a 30 round mag for their 223 , why dont they for the 39 ? thats part of what I’m saying , AK built for a conscript ? YES they were , that means you can abuse them , they can be filthy , and when your life depends on it , it will go bang . Dont know about the rest of you , but that spells a winner to me . Thinking mans rifle ? whats there to think about ? it either works well without babysitting or it doesnt ………..it can either fire steel case ammo without problem or it cant , you can either get the accessories you want with it or you cant . Whats their to think about ? Just Sayin . I do hear ya tho , Dont get me wrong , the mini was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot , it just fell short for my needs . For somebody else in one of the less free Communist states , it may be a good alternative . Not everybody lives in a gun liberal state like Arizona , ………gun laws ? what are those ;)
Seriously , we almost dont have any lol .