Tolik, “Who buys cowboy 6 shooters?”

Actually they sell more of them than they can make.
Most of my customers have at least one.

If people didn’t buy them, Ruger wouldn’t make them. That’s why Ruger still makes the Number 1 rifles. Same for other designs.

As to the .308 version, there was the XGI model that was announced but never produced because of production and mechanical issues.

For those considering the Mossy 715 series, just don’t.
Talk about a piece of junk. The last two I had through the shop were tubs of excrement.
One kept locking open, couldn’t fire more than 3 rounds without a stoppage. Had to design a means to keep the bolt from locking the gun open on it’s own. The other, talk about inaccurate.

There are a lot of good .22’s out there, skimping on price also means skimping on quality.
My Marlin M-39 took second in the “Turkey Shoot” this last fall. I was shooting offhand at 72′ using a peep rear sight. The winner was using a peep sighted Kimber 82 target rifle from the bench. Hardly a fair contest, but I beat the scoped rifles at the same time