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Tolik wrote:
I would bet , and this is sarcasm , that the only thing that keeps Ruger alive is the 10/22 and LC9 , and if it were not for women needing a reliable safe 9mm for their purse , and the survivalist community praising the 1022 , they would probably be scrambling for a hot seller …………I say scrambling , because they dont have a clue what today’s customer wants in a firearm .

LOL, That makes SO MUCH SENSE, Tolik!

10/22 has a great reputation, but I “settled” for a Marlin 795, and all the youtube comparos say the Marlin is more accurate. Not quite the aftermarket as the Ruger, but who needs a “tactical” 22??? If so, I will get an AR conversion or the Mossberg 715 flat top.

I sold my LC9, it was just not a good option for me. Used the dough for an AK :D

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