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Hi Underground :) Thank you for the welcome.

I suppose everybody finds their place, in time. Perhaps a rural setting suits me, though not by myself. I have sufficient preps, going on 10+ years’ worth, as some of my pictures here might suggest, but I’d prefer to have others like-minded involved, people whom I trust and can share what I have.

I am about an hour, more or less, depending on mode of transport, out of the city. I work for a local utility. I’m interested in further establishing myself as a base , perhaps as a waypoint to meet for movement further afield.

Naturally, like others here, I tend to follow the news , both MSM and alternative sources, with an eagle eye and a fine-toothed comb. Can’t believe everything you hear, right? Even things seen (ergo TV) could be skewed for the ding dongs who will believe anything shoveled forth for common consumption. I read several blogs and follow CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, RT, and lots of other sources as well. Any one or all of them are skewed one direction or other.

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