What are the police going to do?

First, you risk more dead unarmed people. They already tried a show of force, that failed. You have to step it up a level or two to get compliance. Sticks and bottles are lethal weapons, especially when you’re outnumbered 50:1.

Secondly, you risk officers lives when the odds are that disproportionate. Sorry but your tv store isn’t worth one life, file the claim.

Everyone complains about facial recognition software until something like this happens. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who broke into the kwickie mart from the video?

Many years ago, a few experts concluded that some of the best riot control involved a couple of sniper teams with suppressed .22s. The riot leaders, the ones egging the crowds on could suddenly have a punctured lung preventing them from continuing and positively identifying them for later prosecution. Even then hardly a life threatening wound, today completely survivable.

The crowd there already hates the police, bringing more badges there would only fan the flames.

The businesses relocate and the locals suffer, they’ll have to deal with their and others actions. They could have stopped this, they still can. But sadly it appears that everyone is more interested in a new flat screen and bling than building their community up.