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Hi Matt – (I’m nursing a twisted ankle today, slowly trying to do a bit at a time). Well, there is a big part of me that would want to be there I admit and defend what is mine. But I am not a large person, and standing down there with my guns? Nope. A bunch of those yahoos had guns of their own and greater numbers. What do I do if I have to go to the bathroom? Start to get sleepy? How do I keep clear-headed enough to know when it is ‘legally’ ok to shoot them and not end up in a pile of legal crap? If they are unarmed and I shoot them as they are breaking in and I am alone – is that ‘legal’? Now, if a bunch of my friends much bigger than I wanted to go down and take a stand I’d say go for it. But, for me? I’ve been a victim of some crimes and really must admit I wouldn’t care to risk experiencing another version first hand.

I do understand what you are saying! I’m just not that tough I guess.