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Tweva I have been thinking about the whole jamming idea all day. The problem I see with it is that the drone has to be within range of the jammer for it to work and to creat a jamming “field” over your whole property would probably get pretty expensive. Then if it was at a high enough altitude it would still be out of range and could still see your property. Then there is the interference issue. The FCC regulates interference pretty closely. There are other things that run on those frequencies and if you start interfering with them the FCC will pay you a visit. One of the cell phone towers I manage had tenant on it that was interfering with the radar at an airport. All of the tenants on the tower and I had to meet the FCC rep on site. When the offender was pin pointed they had to turn their equipment off and reconfigure there system. Once they fixed the issue the FCC rep told them if it happened again there would be a huge fine. They may not be quite so lenient on an individual. The offending tenant was a major cell phone provider. I think your anti dronecraft gun might be a cheaper and funner option.