I agree with that but I constantly have this battle going on weight vs equipment. When I go on longer trekking trips most of the weight of my backpack comes from the food I carry (it’s all dried food of course but if you carry food for 2 weeks, it adds up, about half a kg for every day).

Over the years I realized that the most important things for moving from point A to B and sleeping outside in that order are fire equipment, then comes the right clothing and then later on shelter. I usually do not take backup shelters (besides a space blanket). If my shelter breaks (or gets ripped apart by a storm, which happened before) I simply cower down with my different layers of clothing and rain protection. I always try to bring clothing that lets me stay out at night without shelter (even if its uncomfortable).

These are just some of my ideas on trekking / bugging out. If you have space at your bug out location, things are completely different of course!

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")