Police militarization is a tough subject.

LE is always on the back side of everything, reacting to situations rather than being ahead of them.

After the BOA in Northridge, LE had to take a serious look at tactics and gear. And while some departments have gotten gear that they hopefully never use outside parades, such as MRAPs, one can also look at it like prepping. Better to have and not need.

Again, looking at the Northridge robbers, they were pulled over by my first department some 9 months before they hit the BOA. At the time they had a number of firearms with them. What might have happened if they had decided to start trouble?
On 9/11 we went on patrol with pistols and took a handful of shotguns with us. The department didn’t have any rifles. Not a good feeling.

Over in Salt Lake they have an armored car, an old cash truck that was donated. Its used for emergencies but is normally set in front of problem houses to drive the bad guys away.

People worry about the police, gearing up with heavier and heavier gear. The police worry about the criminals gearing up with heavier and heavier gear. Around here, there are more .50’s and 1000 yard rifles percentage wise than anywhere else I know of. And that is something that is always in the back of your mind.

Just over a year ago, we had a local doper lose his mind, he ended up attempting to rob a gun shop and fired rounds from a magnum rifle back into the shop when he left. He was shot minutes later attempting to shoot local LEOs.

This can happen in little BFE, it can happen anywhere.
And that’s why departments are getting the gear, just like preppers, just in case.

As for the cammies, uniform pants run $100 a pair, if you’re paying for them yourself, which does happen, you start to appreciate cheaper gear.