I might have some old photos squirreled away in a shoebox somewhere, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look… I can draw a pretty good picture, though.

Thing is, you need to know where to “liberate” certain things. Once a day, we would hop in the HUMMV and drive the few miles to a chow tent for a hot meal. The cooks got their supplies delivered to them on wooden loading skids.

Wooden loading skids are made of oak. Or, at least these were. GREAT building material. A couple bucks slipped to the Mess Daddy would get us leftover canned stuff. And the canned stuff made great hobo stoves once the cans were empty.

And yes, the dump is an excellent place to scrounge stuff. Bits of wood. Sheet metal. Sometimes you really score. Last time I went to our dump to get rid of some storm debris, I found a half a bag of No. 6 nails someone threw away. Only reason I can see why they would dump it is because they were rusty…

Field phones were the then-standard TA-312’s connected together with commo wire on a reel. Commo wire makes great building material too. No nails? Lash things together with commo wire.

Here. A couple TA-312 field phones and reel of commo wire… they’re pretty damn tough and cheap for what they are… Runs on two D cell batteries, but they also run without them too…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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