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That is great undeRGRond, I have close to 9,000 rounds of 22lr. I want to get to 12,000 so that I and my son can use about 1,000 round to rotate. I have two SIG522 one is the SWAT, you can see it here http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/sig522-swat.aspx and the other one which is my son SIG522 is the Commando which comes with a suppressor look at it here http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/sig522-commando.aspx

So since we go to the range together we will go though 500 to 600 22lr, so that means if I go two times a month that is 1,000 to 1,200 a month.

We have not gone to the range since we do not want to use the stock.