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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>Lol yeah one article I read quoted the hunter as saying send more drones we need more target practice. The batteries used in these units are a little tempermental. They take about 45 mins to charge and don’t take kindly to having a lot of juice poured to them. The ERC you are talking about is a great idea but I think the weight and additional batteries needed to accommodate the 45 min charge time would cause a vicious cycle of to much weight not enough power.

The ERC would be a very light circuit, less than another battery, including relay(s)
Why not try that if one is already using 2 banks of batteries?
It would take some R&D, no doubt, and it is not “ready for prime time”…

But just in the ready application that I have knowledge of, it could easily be adapted to charge the primary bank back up to an acceptable level for a return home quick flight. Well worth it as far as an emergency reserve. It is based on “free energy” and “overunity” circuits.

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