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Oh I agree totally Mal. It would be very unnerving to feel like someone is watching you. They are trying to put some regulations on them but lobbyists for big business are involved. They can’t regulate it too heavily or Google and Amazon won’t be able to move forward with their plans. Some areas have put altitude restrictions in place but I mean if an enforcement officer doesn’t see it who’s going to stop them. When I flew mine I stayed on my property but the higher I went the more I could see. Not sure how they will fix the issue. To me it’s kind of like unspoken country rules about dogs. If you don’t keep your dog on a leash or contained and he goes in someone else’s yard, well you get what you get. It may make you mad to lose a dog but hey keep him at home. I can say for sure if someone else’s drone flies over my house it will not be returning home.