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Underground – oh I felt violated believe me! Same with the jerk I described some months ago that was ‘buzzing’/flying extremely low, people’s places in his private plane we had a few words with…..usually just before dusk.

74 – I got both but one fell into the big pond. I’ll see if I can find a card when I look for any pieces in the field.

Malgus – don’t think there would be much of one of these small things left to burn – but hey it’s your property so do the naked dance…make yourself feel better when time comes.

Am still torqued about it…why I don’t know…bigger things to think about – but nonetheless…I wish I knew the distance (max) the things could be flow – cause there aren’t any ‘kids’ immediately around me. I wanna find the ‘big’ kids that owned them and have a few words.