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I LOVE the way that some of the old timers modify their loads to suit their specific needs. I actually just got hooked up with an 8 mm and am loving the way that I can make it mimic a 30-30 up to a 30-06. By mimic, I am referring to the fps versus energy statistics. Absolutely fascinating. I think there could be case studies done on the 45-70 and the variance of loads for that firearm. Another under rated and under documented round is the 6.5×55 Swedish. There have been some modified loads done for this cartridge that also allow for a huge variance in power.

I could read reloading and firearm testing information for hours….. For the most part, I am too lazy to scientifically track the variances of loads to contribute much to reloading tables or too wimpy to put my firearms at risk. Either way I allow others to do most of my testing to give me what I call my “wiggle room parameters.”

To give you a laugh…. I reload my .410 with a hand load set requiring the use of wooden mallet for the crimping….