<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>matt76 wrote:</div>I think a great SHTF gun is the little over and under .410, .22 survival rifles. So many load options. 45 LC, birdshot, buckshot, slugs and of course .22. They aren’t big, recoil is manageable. I wouldn’t call it my battle rifle but in the hands of someone small huddled in a closet or safe room it’s not a bad option for a close range last ditch effort to survive, not to mention its usefulness on small game.

I have two of these, one from the 40’s the other from the 70’s.
As a scroungers firearm, with an appropriate optical sight, these can be a very good choice but I’d put forth the opinion that they are better for an experienced shooter who can use the gun to it’s full potential.

Many years ago, my grandfather started me with the 70’s vintage gun, most of the time the animal was gone by the time I got the proper barrel chosen and the hammer back. Fast forward some 20+ years and the same gun was used to take a full limit of rabbits and two pheasant within an hour. It is part of my food procurement plan and has been used to take a number of critters but like most “multi-purpose” tools, it’s not great at anything but will do a lot.

For someone small, they are hardly a good choice for several reasons.
The hammers are hard to pull back, my son at age 11 couldn’t lock the hammer back.
My youngest, now almost 10 won’t be able to for years.
Heck, in my heavy winter gloves I can’t get the older hammer locked back thanks to all the padding.
And the stock length is too long for smaller kids.
But both can operate my son’s youth model 20ga Mossberg 500.

My son went from hardly being able to hit rabbits and doves with the .22/.410 to shooting 20 of 25 on the trap range with the 500 within a couple months. My youngest, she can just decimate milk jugs at 7Y, she’s also a terror with a 10/22 and a 25 round mag, more a bullet hose than any form of accuracy.

As to the use of .45 LC in the .410 barrel, you’d better not. The bore diameter of the .410 shotgun runs around .410″, the bullet diameter of the .45LC is a nominal .452-.454″. That .030″ difference creates a great deal of pressure that the guns aren’t designed for, and will wreck most guns, if they’re choked it can/will be even worse.

Going the other direction, .410’s in the .45 Long chamber (which has been bored long, the Taurus Judge for example) can be done but the .410 hull will be expanded normally beyond reloading.