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Thanks for the info!
I have never felt like Indianapolis was quite as dangerous as other large cities, for some reason.
I once went to a carryout fish place on 38th street, just off Meridian. The wife was scared, but we had to wait for a while for our food. People came and went. She got on me for talking to folks, (she did not want to draw attention) plus I had just had an eye procedure done… wearing an eye patch. But the cool thing is, if you act normal, and not fearful, 90%+ of the time people react normally. The place was middle-eastern owned, and had clientele mostly black and latin. Plus, the food was very good, and you got a lot for the money!!! :D

One thing that bothered my wife was that the servers were behind thick bullet-proof glass and the food came out in a pass-through with double locking doors LMAO!!! I guess it was open 24 hours, and they ha been robbed before.

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