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freedom wrote:
undeRGRond, agree! I purchased the 9,000 when the price was $24 for 550 round box. I now buy only one box at a time to use for the range and to keep the same supply stored.

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I just found today that RURAL KING in my town got a large shipment of 22LR and I was able to buy my limit
(300 rounds, 6 boxes EACH!) of 3 different ones.

AGUILA Copper Plated HV
AGUILA Lead Round Nose
ARMSCOR HV (faster than CCI Mini-Mags!)

900 round total, and I texted my friends. They are NOT “gougers” and will shoot the ammo they buy.
Rural King has been getting 22LR on FRIDAYS, and putting it out with perfect timing! I get paid Thursday, and it comes in on a Friday morning truck, they had maybe 20 to 30,000 rounds or more when I showed up!

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