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Yes I agree with you undeRGRond, I just think that the Chinese have studied history and are still not 100% sure how to totally take us down. Remember in the 80’s it was the Japanese taking over the U. S. and they where buying up properties left and right. Then there economy went down and they had to sell cheaper then what they paid back to U. S. companies.

So we do not know what will happen when the U. S. Collapse happens. Will gold go up and stay up for a long time or only for a time. Remember that gold doesn’t have many uses. So will it turn and go to the $400 an oz and the Chinese lose everything?

I think gold has the jewelry use and if the economy in the U. S. and Europe goes into a collapse gold will only go up for a time and then drop when no one is buying jewelry or other thing that gold is used for.

The game is not as easy so the Chinese know this.