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Hi Malgus,

Ferguson had been one of the more blighted areas of St. Louis County up until about 6 years ago. Several former residents decided to make an effort to do something about it. They got involved, got on the City Council, opened new businesses and made a real difference. The road where the burned out QT is located is lined with nice older homes, fenced, tidy yards, and the downtown area of Ferguson looks better than it has in 40 years.

It is hard to argue with actual photos and video. This is a nice town, and the people are being portrayed as a bunch of thugs and malcontents, and they are not.

Is it a dangerous place to be right now? You bet. Are calmer heads starting to prevail? Seemingly so. The MSM thrives on chaos and controversy so where there is none, they will create it.

Why did it take until now for video footage of Mike Brown perpetrating a strong-armed robbery AT THE QT just 15 minutes before he was shot just now come out?