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matt76, good article. undeRDRond, All I am saying is that I trust what Snowden is saying since it is the info he has. There maybe info that may not be true or just fed to him but he thinks it is true.

I think the Government wants him to not talk anymore for a reason. I think the reason is there are a lot of info that is true.

One thing I can say is he is not living a rich life, he didn’t make millions, he left the U. S. to tell us what he found in the Doc and the government is painting him as a traitor. I have not found a good reason for Snowden to do what he did apart from just wanting to tell what he has.

Now if anyone in the Government has criminal information commented against the people they will think it is not worth doing what Snowden did because everyone is going to paint him as a traitor/lier So this that has been done to Snowden is a great planned event to make sure that in the future no one will want to do this again.

So we the people are screwed! Like I said before you give me Snowden or the Government to believe and I would take Snowden 100% of the time.

The Government has played there cards right by painting Snowden as just a traitor and lier.

One thing I like to point out is if Snowden is a lier then why are so many European leaders so mad? It is because they know the truth has been told by Snowden.