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I only own 1.5 acres. Just a little home owner trying to grow some food and raise a few rabbits, ducks and chickens. Nothing big, my coops and cages are clean. Hay I even have a place for my rabbits to be let out and run around. I colony raise them. Small gardens for what me and mine need. I put up what I grow and don’t use for the winter months. Like I said nothing big, I’m not bothering anyone and my neighbors love the fresh eggs I bring to them. They are hoping mad as well. Some of them have been given warning as well to tear down their gardens and empty the rain barrels.
Your right Freedom, a few miles down the road a nice golf course was put in a couple of years ago. Really fancy, and I hear they are planning a water park within 5 miles from here. Looks like it’s time for me to pull up my roots and find a new place to plant them. I am not going to live somewhere I have to ask permission to plant a garden or collect rainwater. OUTRAGOUS!